Dornbirn City Archives

The City of Dornbirn is known for its industrial history and there was a time it was called the Manchester of the Austrian Rhine Valley. Mainly the textile industry suffered badly in the 1980s.The City has since recovered remarkably and is now again a bustling hub of commerce and industry.

As part of the city administration, the Stadtarchive Dornbirn collects not only administrative records but also photographs, interviews, diarys, letters and other documents from companies, clubs and private persons, in order to fulfil its mission as memory of the city and its people.

It is part of a big archival community, 180 archives from 34 European countries are joined together in the International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS). Our oldest documents are part of the virtual charters’ archive called Monasterium, which provides more than 400.000 medieval and early modern charters provided by 60 institutions from ten European countries.

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