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Using Photographs with PwD

Photos can trigger really valuable conversations that give the sense of the person, rather than the PwD. Helping the person relating to a time when he/she felt particularly happy or proud by using photos connecting with that period, can help recover  a sense of identity and purpose and ultimately to improve the wellbeing of the person. Being able to engage PwD in a meaningful exchange can also make them feel more competent and empowered.

Why is it useful?

  • Photos can help tapping into someone's positive emotions of their past and that can bring some positive emotion to them.
  • The use of personal and local/regional photographs is the royal road to memory.
  • Photos are a good way of facilitating communication helping people to feel more socially integrated and comfortable
  • Being able to have a meaningful exchange about their own memories can help the PwD feel more competent and empowered.
  • Achieving these goals is often important for the carers as well, allowing them to see the person beyond the disease.





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