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Second project newsletter is out!

 The BOOM project is aimed to improve the life of the People with Dementia (PwD) and other forms of cognitive memory loss by increasing the availability of archive and museum-based, informal adult education programs.

Currently, a methodological guide has been developed and the Continuous Professional Development Course is on its way to finalization.

The BOOM Methodology Handbook

The handbook takes the shape of a methodological framework, and it will be accompanied by an implementation strategy that can support the sustainability and impact of the project's outputs.

The handbook comprehends the following chapters:

  1. A literature review on reminiscence-based practices with a specific focus on archives and museums;
  2. Pan-European innovative examples of memory practices in archives and museums;
  3. Didactical notes on how this methodological framework can be used by adult educators in care homes, social sector, archives, museums, and galleries;
  4. Didactical notes on how the outputs can be used in informal adult education with carers, families, and those with memory loss;
  5. Insights on the later IOs related to the design of the BooM toolkit and the BooM app;
  6. Key terms of references to ensure common ground and understanding.

The Continuous Professional Development Course (CPD course)

The aim of the CPD course is to give participants from various sectors involved in working with memory and memory loss the opportunity to upskill and share competencies.

The emphasis of the course is to ensure that the target groups acquire the necessary knowhow to:

  • provide formal support to adults using the BooM outcomes and toolkits in an informal setting and develop the foreseen competencies, skills, and knowledge;
  • be able to support adult learners (carers, family members) and address their specific needs;
  • support educators and pedagogues to utilize the next project's outputs, such as the Boom App, in learning environments with adults (carers, family members);
  • be comfortable working with the new BooM resources and environments.

The partnership defined the modules and the related units and sub-units, starting to work on the content development.

Next steps

On the 7th and 8th of April, Boom partners held the third Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) in Carpi, Italy. The consortium discussed the further development of the CPD course for adult educators and moved on toward the next outputs of the project: the Boom toolkit and app. Ideas have been gathered on how to design and structure the two outputs: initial steps were made in conceptualizing both the toolkit and the app.

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