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EnThe BooM project partnership is pleased to announce the launch of the Continuous Professional Development Course piloting throughout March 2023. The Continuous Professional Development Course composes the second Intellectual Output (IO) of the BooM Erasmus+ Project. The course is designed to formally support educators and professionals working with people affected by dementia in getting to know and use the resources and the innovative environments developed by BooM Consortium in an informal learning context.

A course meant to provide adult educators and professionals dealing with memory and memory loss, theoretical resources and valuable practical tools developed by BooM Consortium. Structured according to the training needs of partners' LWGs, the course has a modular blended format, including a face-to-face training and a self-directed online learning through the project platform. The modules are scenario-based to provide the necessary rational, strategic insight and a range of didactic contents to support the delivery of the course. Currently, the BooM Consortium is piloting the Continuous Professional Development Course nationwide. The curriculum is tested in a blended-learning training format involving at least fifty professionals working in museums, archives and those dealing with memory and memory loss.


The piloting also includes the BooM toolkits and the App for carers and families. The toolkits are designed to support the Memory Box concept and help people with dementia, their carers and families to understand this disorder and the self-help they can perform by using the project products together. In addition to these indispensable resources to promote informal adult learning about dementia, the piloting also concerns the Boom App, a personalised digital memory box. The Boom App developed by BooM Consortium is a real digital archive of multimedia artefacts to be used directly by people with dementia, with the support of family members and carers to stimulate the memory, to improve mood and to reduce agitated behaviour. With these digital resources, professionals involved on the will be invited at the end of the course to implement dementia-friendly sessions in their organisations with caregivers and users with dementia, based on the learning and tools developed by BooM Consortium. Piloting completed, the Continuous Professional Development Course will be available as an OER in English, Swedish, German, Croatian, Greek, Italian and Polish and it will reside in the public domain with no-cost access, use, adaptation and redistribution by others. To stay up-to-date on these and the next significant results of the BooM Project, stay tuned! 

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