Since more than 10 years, museums across Tuscany have been offering programmes and sessions target to persons with dementia and their formal and informal carers. In 2020 a formal network was set up and it is now gathering 26 museums and coordinated by L’Immaginario (an association specialised in offer educational and accessible museum tours).

MTA aims to coordinate the activities of members when it comes to set common standards and approaches, to have a coordinated communication towards the public and to promote joint training initiatives.

The museums offer a variety of activities, aiming to stimulate interaction and exchange among participants using narration, reminiscence as well as artistic techniques. For example, participants are given the opportunity to interact with the exposed works in different ways: looking at them followed by questions to stimulate discussion; touching them; being involved in handcrafts workshops related with the work exposed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the network promoted a training on how to offer these activities online, through video-conferencing platforms.

The project is implemented thanks to the funding of Tuscany Region and coordinated by Association L’Immaginario

Methods and approaches are different as the network encompasses a variety of museums, including archaeological museums; science museums; museums of contemporary art; diocesan museums etc.

MTA it’s the first of its kind in Italy and it’s providing a fundamental impulse to raise awareness about the role of museums for dementia across Italy.

  • Public commitment
  • Training offered regularly, to engage more professionals and institutions