“Memorabili armonie” is a pilot project implemented by Associazione De Banfield, an NGO who have been active for more than 30 years to support people with dementia in the city of Trieste. It’s the first dementia friendly museum experience of the city.

Small groups of people with dementia will visit, with the support of a trained social worker and a music-therapist, the Theatre Museum C. Schmidl. The museum staff has been trained to welcome visitors with dementia and small adjustments have been made to the rooms to make them more accessible for this target group.  
The project is implemented by Associazione De Banfield and funded by the Rotary Club Trieste Nord with the cooperation of the Theatre Museum C. Schmidl, Association Aulos for music therapy and the support of the City Department for Museums and Libraries.
Visits have been designed as a multisensorial experience, since they will be accompanied by a music-therapist and reminiscence activities will be encouraged. Indeed, in Trieste there is an important heritage of opera and it is expected that many of the older participants can connect to it as part of their life-story.
Being a recently developed programme, an impact evaluation is not yet available.

An e-learning programme has been developed to train all involved professionals.

Informal carers of participants can either enjoy the visit with their care recipient or take the opportunity to meet the psychologist of the association and receive support.