Discover-me is a project implemented by an art-therapist working for CADIAI, one of the main social service-provider in the city of Bologna. The project aimed to offer opportunities for users of day-care centers of people with dementia to explore Bologna National Art Gallery, that hosts masterpieces of painters from the city such as Guido Reni and the Carracci brothers.
Small groups (5 persons plus their informal carers) of people with dementia are accompanied by the art-therapist to visit selected rooms of the Gallery and to start a discussion around them.
The programme was implemented by Cadiai with the cooperation of the Bologna National Art Gallery.
The tour was planned choosing a small number of figurative painting with a simple iconography who could easily be understood. In the case of Guido Reni, the chosen painting represented landscapes of the city of Bologna in the background. Starting from the iconography, for every painting sharing, discussion and reminiscence were encouraged. The programme is based on the MeetMe methodology.
The impact has not been measured
  • Careful planning of the tour.
  • Opportunity to visit something new and to enjoy an activity together with informal carers.

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