Alzheimer Circle is an initative of Museion, the Museum of Contemporary Arts of the city of Bozen, in Italy. The museum has a department of educational activities aimed to made the collection and exhibitions accessible to diverse publics through the use of“art mediators”

Alzheimer Circle is a programme dedicated to persons with dementia and their carers. Since 2015, every new exhibition can be visited in small groups. Social interaction is promoted by making use of different techniques and media: small objects, sensorial stimulation, photos… encourage exchange in a non-judgmental and welcoming atmosphere.

The programme was implemented in cooperation with the residential care center Firmian (Bozen) and the Cultural, Social and Health Care Departments in the Provinces of Trento and Bozen.

Each group of 5-7 older persons is conducted by an art mediator. A small number of art works (3 or 4) is chosen, participants sit in a circle and they are encouraged to comment on what they see. Narration is stimulated also by small objects or music. The mediator tries to keep the thread and continues until participants show interest and ease.

Feedbacks collected among carers have shown that among participants there are signs of well-being and activation.

Strong public commitment and stakeholder engagementFocus on details of art works that can catch the attention of participants rather than on the artistic concept.